Ten days in Tuscany


Mum and I took the most incredible trip to Tuscany this summer. We booked it rather blindly, neither of us having been there before. We studied guide books and websites and came up with a loose itinerary. We struck the jackpot. We had several days wandering Pisa and Florence, browsing the markets, the galleries and wandering cobbled streets. We spent long days working up appetites for gelato, pizza, pasta and beautiful fresh vegetables. We then hired a car aand headed into the thick Italian countryside. We were met by waves of hills and vineyards with beautiful farmhouses studding the landscape. We stayed at an exquisite bed and breakfast in Greve before heading south right off the beaten track to an incredible unknown village called Pitigliano which is sadly falling off the very cliff it is built into.

We took a side trip the the exquisite villages called ‘cinque terre’. We planned to hike between all the villages, but unfortunately the path was closed, so we just went between two of them.

Tuscany was everything I needed, peaceful, fresh, beautiful, cultured and a big adventure.

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