Winter’s on the way

photoSeptember could be in the running for my favourite month of the year in Dubai. We’ve just survived another stinking hot summer in the desert- some summers by shivering inside in the aircon, watching endless box sets and plotting how to get things done without stepping a foot outside. Others by escaping the heat abroad for as long as our friends and relatives will have us to stay. I took 7 blissful weeks off in the States and the UK.

There is such energy in the air. At least in my home. And such pregnant expectations for the seasons ahead. Soon we’ll be able to picnic on the beach, my brother will be coming and we’ll go to the water park, I can run outside again and start swimming in the sea in the mornings before work. Work will be relentless through the next few months- just the way I like it. New restaurants and hotels will be opening and with them exciting opportunities for food photography.

I love looking forward to things, nearly as much as the thing itself. The potential of what might, could or will be is so charged.
I’m preparing my portfolio and having meetings about creative new projects, I’m setting myself goals for the last 4 months of the year. Plans are underfoot for a mastermind group between creatives and entrepreneurs. Lists get crossed off and added to and edited and added to again.

Most exciting of all? Camera in hand I’m back to work.

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