Duck Egg, Mustard Greens and Thyme Cream Cheese Bagels

I popped into my local organic shop, Ripe, on my way home from a meeting and as soon as I spotted these gorgeous blue duck eggs they went straight in my basket. Not only are duck eggs pretty, they’re tastier than chicken eggs. Ripe is one of the only shops that sells a wide range of local organic produce and it’s such a treat to have vegetables from there rather than the tasteless shipped veggies we get at my local supermarket.

Even tastier than locally grown organic veg though? HOME grown veg! I’ve used mustard greens, salad and thyme straight from my balcony. Grown from seed, soil, water and sunshine and and an embarassing amount of love.

Duck eggs are becoming easier to buy ever since Jamie Oliver announced in July that they’re tastier than chicken eggs. If you can’t find them in the supermarket, try your local farmer or organic shop.

Duck Egg, Mustard Greens and Thyme Cream Cheese Bagels

Serves 1

You’ll need:

2 x Duck Eggs

1 x bagel

Handful of Mustard Greens and/or mixed salad leaves

A couple of sprigs of Thyme

2 x Tbsp Cream Cheese

To make:

Heat a frying pan with a splash of olive oil over a medium heat. Once hot, break the ducks eggs into the pan and turn the heat down a little lower. (Note: Ducks eggs have a harder shell than chickens eggs, so give them a good crack!). To make it nice and crunchy you can spoon some of the oil back over the egg white.

Whilst the egg is frying chop half of your fresh thyme and mix it into the cream cheese. Season to taste.

Split the bagel in two and pop in the toaster.

To assemble spread your hot toasted bagel with cream cheese, top with your greens and then the fried egg. Sprinkle the remaining thyme on top and season well.

Copyright Amelia Johnson

Copyright Amelia Johnson

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